So you now know your way around the Sorare website, and you’ve bought some player cards and done a bit of wheeling and dealing in the market. Now it’s time for the best part of Sorare (in my opinion) and that’s the S05 fantasy tournaments.


These tournaments are known as S05 because you have to pick a team of 5 players to enter each eligible tournaments.

To enter these tournaments you will need at least 1 goalkeeper, 1 defender, 1 midfielder, 1 forward and either an extra defender, midfielder or forward. So a team of 5. You also need to select a captain who will get a 20% bonus on their score in most competitions. These tournaments are twice-weekly if there’s enough eligible matches, of course. You also need to submit your line-up before the deadline. There’s also different divisions and criteria for each division/region.

Tournaments have different entry requirements and skills levels. Some tournament levels include Amateur, Semi Pro competitions and Pro competitions, capped modes and much more!

sorare mls pro

Amateur tournaments

The Amateur tournaments are where most managers will start and these are free to play with a chance to win some Limited cards to sell on the open market.

There are 6 league specific tournaments where you can draft a team of 8 players and play for free when all leagues are in full swing. These leagues are as follows:-

American MLS – MLS players only
English Premier League – English Premier League players only
French Ligue 1 – French Ligue 1 players only
German Bundesliga – German Bundesliga players only
Italian Serie A – Italian Serie A players only
Spanish La Liga – Spanish La Liga players only

You can draft a team for free in each of these tournaments, and you’ll receive the relevant common player cards.

Tournament rules
Only common cards are allowed in the Amateur tournament
Your captain will get a 50% increase on their score
Only player from the specific league allowed (in this example it’s MLS)

Sorare Amateur

the draft

For each of the Amateur tournament you’ll need to draft your team of 8 players before entering the free to play tournaments.

The rules of the draft are as follows:-

– You can only pick 2 players from the same team
– You have 400 points to spend on your squad
– You need to select 2 players for each position so 2x Goalkeepers 2x Defenders 2x Midfielders and 2x forwards

Each player is assigned in cost based on their recent performances in real life matches and the scoring system on Sorare.

Once you selected your team you will have the option to swap 2 players each week if you wished to do so but your squad in the Amateur leagues will not exceed 8 players.

Once you’ve selected your 8 players you can then enter them in the relevant tournament. Like all tournaments on Sorare you pick 5 players card players to enter this division which must consist of at least 1 goalkeeper, 1 defender, 1 midfielder, 1 forward and either an extra defender, midfielder or forward. Once you’ve picked your team of 5 you just need to select a caption then press submit to submit your team for the next game week.

Rewards in Amateur tournaments

amatuer rewards

Now onto rewards and there’s plenty up for grabs on the Amateur competitions.

Depending on where you finish you get a chance to win some of the Limited cards on Sorare which can then be used in other competitions or sold on the Sorare marketplace.

You will also get some scored based rewards in the form of Sorare coins (which ill come onto later). Scoring over a certain amount of points will reward you with a certain amount of Sorare coins.

So what you’re waiting for get your teams drafted and start entering the tournaments today.

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