Sorare cards are of course the cards that you can purchase on Sorare of your favourite football players and sports athletes.

Player cards come in different rarities and when purchased they are processed through the blockchain. Due to this, they are unique and digital property that you own known as NFTs, which stands for non-fungible tokens.

The 4 main card types are Limited’s, Rare’s, Super Rare’s and Unique’s.



Super rare


  • For the Limited cards, there are 1000 copies of each player for each season.
  • There are 100 copies of each player for each season in the Rare cards.
  • Super Rare’s have 10 copies of each player each season and are more powerful and collectable due to this.
  • Unique’s are just that, unique and there’s only 1 Unique card of each player for each season, and these are the most powerful and expensive cards and hold the biggest collector appeal.

There’s also the common cards.

Common cards can also be used in the free to play tournaments and some beginner tournaments. You can get your hands of plenty of these cards when you sign up to Sorare.

Common cards are not NFTs however so are not digital assets but still usable on Sorare of course.

Let’s go through the information that can be found on a Sorare card.

  • At the top left of the card you can find the season that the card was minted.
  • You will also find the serial number of the card at the top left. In this example this is 43/100 of Vinícius Júnior.
  • The top right of the card you can find the logo of the club the player was contracted to when the card was minted
  • You can also find the player’s squad number at the top right of the card.
  • At the bottom of the card you can find the player’s name, position and the player’s age when the card was minted/produced.

On Sorare there’s obviously the player cards, but there’s also special cards and card types to be aware of so let’s go through them now.

special edition

These are special edition cards that are released by Sorare now and again, for example POTY (player of the year) cards. These cards have the same utility of standard cards but may hold more collector appeal.


These are first edition cards for that player and the first season cards to be minted on Sorare for that player. These cards have the same utility of standard cards but may hold more collector appeal. These cards will have a rookie symbol at the bottom left of the card.


These are coach/manager cards that are released by Sorare now and again. These cards don’t have any utility at the time of writing but may hold collector appeal.

Legend cards

These are Legend cards of past legends who have now retired from playing. These cards are from a specific season for that player, and in this example this is the season 1983 / 84 card for Michel Platini.
Legend cards can be used in tournaments in the legends tournaments. Legend cards score the highest score of the player currently at the club that the legend played
for in the season/ position on the card. For example, in the 1983 / 1984 season, Platini played for Juventus, so whatever score the highest scoring midfielder for Juventus gets in that game week will be the score that Platini gets. Also, as this is the national card (France) for Platini he can also be used when there’s an international fixture and will score the highest score from a French midfielder. These cards have utility and may hold more collector appeal.

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